Thais, 17, May 6, Brasil.
theme por desesperancoso; alguns detalhes por queridasolidão, deslocado e m-4-r-y.


“For me, playing Brooke and really loving her — to have something like that incident with Chris thrown back in her face, to have things that she has seen, you know, Lucas really is sort of, a real man and sort of an angel for forgiving her — to have him really take them away it really undermines all the faith that she’s had in him and in her best friend. It’s where all of this comes from. Brooke, she may be wild and nuts, but she gives herself so selflessly to the people she cares for and she’s just begging for that back. And it’s really heartbreaking.

I bawled just because of feeling that pain and in this moment, for her, it’s like he still doesn’t even get it. She’s not mad. She’s crushed. And she’s realizing that this boy that she loves so much just doesn’t know her.

She’s not mad, she’s just heartbroken.”